77 Hour Four Points Film Competition


The Golden lion - 77 hour four points film competition

"The Golden Lion" is the spectacular story of two everyday citizens with an uncanny plan to solve crime in their city. This was an entry for the 2017 4 Points Film Project, which stipulates 4 elements that must be used within a film that must be written, shot, cut, and submitted within 77 hours. These elements were: Genre: Buddy Film Character: Mark Dunn - Flight Attendant Line of Dialogue: "Nothing good could come of that." Prop: Crayon ---

STARRING: Tom McGregor Viktor Johansen Joshua Weber

CREW: Craig Bass: Writer / Director Steven Brown: Writer / Producer Lydia Koranda: Producer / Art Director / Demetri Kouvalis: Director of Photography / Michelle Maslanka: Assistant Director / David Gall: Camera Operator  / Tim Chan: Production Sound / Joshua Weber + Viktor Johansen: Key Grips / Nathan Veunnashack: Grip Tomas Villarreal: Composer / Nathan Veunnashack: Editor / Craig Bass: Colorist + Motion Graphics / SPECIAL THANKS Beth and Erik Vymyslicki Dan and Beth Stockhausen John Scaletta